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Meiji, wonders of imperial japan Avenue Iena, Paris

Musée Guimet

Like a prelude, nature unfurls...

ATHEM partnered with the Musée Guimet in Paris to support the exhibition devoted to the Meiji era, with the projection on to the façade of the building on the place d’Iéna of its monumental visual design, “Les saisons intemporelles de Meiji” (Meiji’s timeless seasons).

with the timeless seasons of Japan’s Meiji era.

This spectacular and intimate show of snow-covered branches, cherry blossom and embroidered kimonos takes the audience on a journey to discover the treasures of Imperial Japan. While remaining faithful to the original works, ATHEM also sought to reinterpret motifs used in cloisonné and on objects made of ceramic, porcelain and metal.