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We put our expertise to use for local authorities, cultural and industrial heritage assets, exhibition curators and artists. Project-focused, we bring together creative, technical and technological resources to transform a place, to say something, through an unusual artistic creation, and to elicit emotions

Our Engagements

ATHEM, a specialist in the mise en scène of urban spaces, is active in two main fields of activity: heritage restoration and artistic creation for brands. Aware of the implications of its work, the studio is committed to a voluntary continuous improvement process, evaluated according to ISO 20121, an international standard specific to the events sector.


Following a principle of continuous improvement, ATHEM has committed to a CSR process covering all stages of creation and based on the three pillars of sustainable development:


Entering into a strategy of systematic eco-design of projects, taking into account material life cycles: ATHEM is committed to looking for new eco-design solutions and to progressing with the recovery, management and recycling of the waste generated by its work.


being and remaining a responsible employer and partner: ATHEM is committed to establishing itself as a socially responsible and inclusive company, uniting all of its employees around its CSR goals and ensuring they can thrive within the company.


Drawing on the team’s expertise to offer an environmentally responsible service: ATHEM is committed to promoting innovation in eco-design and increasing the proportion of eco-designed products sold to clients. To do this, it makes sure it has the skills necessary for the company’s development in order to ensure these strategic objectives are met.


Embarking on the ISO certification process has enabled ATHEM to structure its CSR approach and measure its performance. This certification, inspired by ISO 26000, centres around responsible management systems for events companies. The assessment is based on an audit valid for three years, carried out by an independent certification body. At the end of this term, a renewal audit is carried out, showing what progress has been made if any.