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We put our expertise to use for local authorities, cultural and industrial heritage assets, exhibition curators and artists. Project-focused, we bring together creative, technical and technological resources to transform a place, to say something, through an unusual artistic creation, and to elicit emotions

Our Engagements

ATHEM, a specialist in the mise en scène of urban spaces, is active in two main fields of activity: heritage restoration and artistic creation for brands. Aware of the implications of its work, the studio is committed to a voluntary continuous improvement process, evaluated according to ISO 20121, an international standard specific to the events sector.

The studio

ATHEM is a Paris-based studio specialising in the mise en scene of urban spaces created in 1985 by architects passionate about urban art. Known at first for its artistic creations on the buildings of Paris, over time the studio has developed a wider offering in premium and large-scale urban outdoor media.

Now, like an artist collective, ATHEM brings together creative, technical and technological resources to showcase cultural heritage, whether it is a place, a brand, a product, an event or even a cultural or architectural creation.


Since the early 2010s, Atelier ATHEM has been specialising in two main fields of activity: funding the restoration of protected buildings through advertising and creating temporary or permanent mise en scène for brands (decoration, lighting of facades, projections, interactive content and soundscapes). By transforming a street, a facade, or a space visited by an audience, ATHEM aims to create a unique event with every one of its projects, one which has meaning and conveys positive emotions.


ATHEM supports local authorities, cultural institutions, building owners (public and private) and advertisers in carrying out their mise en scène projects. Aware of the implications of these activities, for many years the studio has been committed to carrying out its work in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, incorporating the responsibility to be alert, inclusive, honest and transparent. In 2020, to formalise this approach and measure its results, ATHEM’s management team made the decision to place it within the framework of the ISO 20121 standard, a CSR certification specific to the events industry.